The Brief

The task given to us by We Fit Quality Kitchens was simple. To increase the number of leads being generated by any means necessary. They were unhappy with their previous agency’s efforts, and recognised that Kariba could provide them with greater value for money, especially in the long term.

The Tactics

Our first port of call was to undertake a full Technical SEO audit in order to assess the website and take stock of its current state. As a result of that audit, we found a multitude of issues, ranging from basic metadata problems to more complex issues, which needed to be addressed early on to ensure that we weren’t hindered by an inherited website which didn’t meet our high standards.

Alongside the technical website fixes, we also began work on setting up Paid Media campaigns on both Facebook and Google, in order to ensure that leads would start coming through as soon as possible. Using a range of imagery and targeting options, which included definitive demographic and location targeting, we set our ads to work.

When the Paid Media campaigns were up and running, and with the technical fixes undertaken, we then turned our attention to the content strategy, bringing page copy up to date. This is especially important with We Fit focusing on Howdens kitchens, with their collections changing on a regular basis. We found that the site had little to no mention of many of the current range, and much of what there was were of discontinued kitchens. We set about updating the range, breaking each one down into a collection such as ‘Shaker’ or ‘Modern’ in order to help with site structure. We also had organic rankings in mind, with every piece of new content subject to extensive keyword research in the first instance, in order to ensure that we were maximising the opportunity to pick up organic rankings once indexed by Google.



More Organic Traffic


We’ve increased organic traffic  by more than 95% since We Fit Quality Kitchens came on board in late 2021.

More than

>135 Leads

We’ve helped We Fit Quality Kitchens receive more than 135 leads in just five months.

More Page One Rankings


We’ve taken We Fit Quality Kitchens to the holy grail of page one on Google, increasing their rankings between positions 1 and 10 by 360% since we started working with them in late 2021.

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