After securing some prominent advertising space in The Caterer magazine, including a front page wrap, we used some really strong product photography to create a range of impactful full-page adverts and supporting advertorials which ensured Herbivore had eye-catching visuals to maximise brand exposure.

As a new venture, it was vital to keep a focus on the brand, and needless to say, Herbivore were delighted with the result as it ensured the brand got off to a flying start.


The next step was to devise a range of packaging for the products. As the range is ever expanding, we needed to ensure that the designs would be flexible enough to accommodate new products as and when they became available.

As with the advertising, it was important to feature some great photography of the product in its ‘cooked and served’ state, as the box itself was solid, with no window onto the product inside. This was partly to ensure it was robust enough during its time in transit once it was ordered from the eCommerce site.


The eCommerce site focuses on providing a seamless user experience, making it quick and simple to find and buy a product. With additional information such as nutritional data, cooking guides, ingredients all available, as well as suggested recipes, latest news and a reviews area, the website provides a fantastic hub for the Herbivore brand and its products.



A Range Of Products


The range started with burgers, hot-dogs and Cumberland style sausages, but now includes sauces, cheese and even onion rings!

Completely Vegan


Plant based dining.

Suitable For All Diets

100% Gluten Free

In addition to being vegan, Herbivores products are also completely gluten free, meaning even coeliacs can enjoy them!

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