The Brief

Grovers initially approached us to migrate their old website from an outdated platform called Prestashop, after receiving a digital grant to help them with the cost. They were looking for a more flexible, professional platform which would help them continue to grow their online presence.

Once the website was built, we were to undertake a period of ongoing digital marketing support to ensure that the new website got off to the best possible start. In addition to this, we were also tasked with updating their branding to better reflect their professional, knowledgeable image which would resonate with their customers.

The Tactics

We undertook an in depth planning process, outlining the overall goal of the migration. We assessed and analysed Grovers’ current website, taking into account the vast range of products, URLs and resources they had on their website, and carefully mapped out the procedure which included the design and development of the new website.

The website was built, carefully taking various SEO elements into account, including URL structure, meta information, site content and of course, the site’s overall speed, particularly across mobile devices.

The site was launched in early 2022, and with that came the commencement of ongoing monthly digital marketing activity through one of our Growth packages. With the goal of increasing sales, we suggested that Paid Media would likely be the quickest way to achieve a high number of sales in a relatively short period of time. With this, we set about launching a campaign, and we quickly began to see some impressive results with modest budgets.



Return On Ad Spend


In the first six months after the new website went live, we were able to generate an incredible 4072% ROAS from Paid Media activity.

Successful Web Migration


We enjoyed a successful website migration from a dated eCommerce CMS to a stable, modern WooCommerce platform.

Products on site


There’s 1885 products and counting available on the Grovers website, all of which had to be migrated from the old platform!

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