The Brief

We were initially tasked with creating a new brand identity and building a new website for Beacon. The website needed to be simple, easy to navigate and have a quick way for potential clients or tutors to get in touch and be added to a database. From there, we also moved on to take control of their Google Ads, with the objective of generating as many high quality, relevant leads for the lowest possible cost per acquisition, before expanding our offering to incorporate a full digital marketing package including organic social media, Facebook Ads and ongoing SEO.

The Tactics

The Beacon brand needed to represent a professional organisation, which appealed to both potential clients and tutors looking for a new role. This meant that we had to carefully balance the brand messaging and ensure that the logo made a strong statement whilst still giving the professional appearance which Beacon were looking for. Our expert Head of Design worked on this project in order to ensure that the highest quality was delivered to the client.

Once the branding had been finalised, we set about designing and building a brand new website for Beacon. We had to ensure that this website was clean, easy to navigate and appealed to the target audience, all whilst bearing in mind its performance from an SEO perspective. With a combination of expert design, carefully crafted copy, and deftly developed functionality, we were able to create a visually appealing website for Beacon which exceeded all expectations from the client.

Following on from the website, we then took over the Google Ads activity, which until then, had been dealt with by the client. Using our expertise and knowledge in the field, we created multiple international PPC campaigns, with each one targeted at a specific region. Additionally, we offered a full service digital marketing package, which also included brand awareness generating Facebook Ads, ongoing SEO optimisation and even design and branding projects for offline use!



International PPC Conversion Rate


Our Search campaign for the USA has seen a conversion rate of 8.2% since the start of 2021.

Keyword Rankings Increased


We’ve seen keyword rankings increase by more than 10 times since the site went live.

Tutors Added To The Database


We’ve helped add more than 250 expert private tutors to Beacon’s database in 2022.

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