Special colours

In order to emphasise the aesthetic nature of the product, we kept written content to a minimum throughout the brochure. The content which was included enhanced the experience of looking through the document, highlighting features of the products including many of the safety features and options available for each range.

Once the design had been completed, we moved on to the print stage.

During the print process, we made use of a special metallic fifth colour, in order to give the brochure a high quality feel, matching the levels of the quality of the products it was designed to showcase. In addition to this, we also used a high GSM paper with a luxurious finish, to ensure that not only was the brochure of a high quality feel, but also had a longer shelf life than the collateral of AluFold’s competitors.

So successful was the brochure that it went through six additional print runs, as the sales staff reported that it made a huge impact on clients and aided numerous sales conversions.

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