Ben Thompson

Head of Design

Ben Thompson

Ben is a senior designer with more years under his belt than he’d care to mention. Despite being a northern lad, his career started in London where he worked hard (and played hard) for a few years and was creative lead for a number of well known clients including Coca-Cola, Kingfisher, AXA, British Midland, Barclays and SMMT (picking up a few national awards on the way).

The call of the north saw him move to Harrogate (via Leeds) and ultimately to Kariba. Over the years the changing face of creative communication means he now moves mainly in the digital arena, which is where he’s happiest anyway (although the occasional opportunity to design and send to print is always welcome). Of course, digital design is much more than just a great looking website – the UX has to work, the site has to convert, and the associated marketing material and strategy has to deliver. This is where team Kariba delivers as a cohesive unit and he’s delighted to be part of it.

When he’s not at work, he loves music and live gigs, cooking, running, cycling, football (watching rather than playing), skiing, natural history and birding, and his family life.


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