Corporate Guidelines

While Alcoholics Anonymous have an established and recognisable brand, the lack of accompanying guidelines meant that the various collateral that was produced by trustees throughout the organisation had little sense of continuity in terms of fonts and colours used and the overall look feel. Therefore, we were asked to produce some corporate guidelines and devise a secondary colour palette that would go some way to addressing these issues.

Roundabout, Share and Service News

Following the completion of the corporate guidelines, we redesigned their three regular magazines – Roundabout, Share and Service News – thus ensuring they looked more like a suite of publications. We supplied these to Alcoholics Anonymous as InDesign templates, complete with an InDesign library and everything needed to produce and develop each title. We also created several instructional Loom videos for the trustees detailing how to easily and effectively use InDesign to achieve professional results for the design of each subsequent issue. Finally we carried out some one-on-one training in InDesign.

Structure and Service Handbooks

We also redesigned the AA’s two ‘bibles’ – their Structure and Service Handbooks – both of which are very extensive in their content, but both of which previously looked very dry, dated and uninviting. After first designing some sample pages, complete with more approachable typography, engaging images, colour specific chapters and more space to ‘breathe’, we spent some considerable time designing each complete handbook. Working with some of the trustees and board members we ensured each one was designed to a high standard before handing over the packaged files for the AA to make some final content tweaks and ultimately send them to print. The finished products look and feel wonderful and both the client and the Kariba team are delighted with the results.

As well as these flagship projects we have also designed and supplied Quarterly Finance Reports, a Sponsorship into Service booklet and a Younger People booklet for Alcoholics Anonymous. We are proud to have worked with them and are delighted with all the collateral we produced.

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