The brief

The first task was to design and develop an impactful and usable website that can have eCommerce functionality incorporated as a ‘part 2’ of the project. Initially the site needed to showcase their processes and services as well their stock vehicles and their ‘signature build’ vehicles. Due to the fact the company also has a presence in Germany the site also needed a German language version too with functionality allowing the user to choose the appropriate language to view in.

We worked with their marketing team to ensure the site was designed and developed to an extremely tight deadline so that it could launch in early 2023. This we achieved quite seamlessly, for which the client was eternally grateful.

Ongoing marketing

Alongside the web design we devised social graphics, both for the launch of the site and as part of an ongoing digital marketing package too (including brand awareness generating Facebook Ads and ongoing SEO optimisation).



Traffic Increase

6536 Users

6536 users and 8166 sessions to the site in 6 weeks.

Facebook & Instagram


106,000 people reached on Facebook & Instagram since launch (6 weeks).

Follower Increase


800 followers attracted to new social media accounts.

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