The User Journey

The ethos behind the website is that it isn’t just about selling motorbikes; it’s about selling the experience and freedom that comes with owning a motorcycle.

Obviously when making a signficant lifestyle purchase such as this it’s unlikely to be completed purely online, without making a physical journey to see the motorbike(s) in question.

The Buying Experience

The category pages behave like an eCommerce site and the product pages have all the information you’d expect from an eCommerce style site too – detailed product information, colour options, engine and wheel specifics, dimensions and performance as well as a carousel of product images – both studio shots and lifestyle shots.

These product associated pages are backed up by company information, various support call-to-actions as well as showroom opening times and finance options.




A Range of Bikes

5 makes in stock

The range includes scooter, adventure, traditional, sport, cruiser, sportster and scrambler.

Electric Options

6 available

From the Lexmoto range.

A Choice of Power


With various torque options available.

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