What is marketing automation?

Simply put, it’s the ability to automate a marketing process which you would otherwise have to do manually. For example, if you view a product online but decide not to buy it yet, and then you get an email from that business highlighting that particular product a few minutes, hours or even a couple of days later, that’s marketing automation.

The business has identified you as a potential customer, knows you’re interested in their item or service, but you’ve not yet made the decision to purchase. They’re trying to entice you back to their site to buy the product. And it’s all done through various email automations, using powerful digital marketing tools, in order to try and maximise a return.

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Why use automated email marketing?

Among other things, automated email marketing streamlines the acquisition process. Whether you’re looking to increase sales or warm up leads, triggered emails as part of automated email campaigns can help you move customers along their journey, encouraging them to take a desired action, or providing them with more information about a product or service.

With triggered email marketing campaigns, each email is only sent once a certain action has been taken or a specific time period has elapsed. This means that there is complete control over what gets sent and when. Of course, it takes a great deal of accuracy and attention to detail to set up triggered email campaigns, so it’s best left to the experts, like our team here at Kariba.

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