Technical Audit

Let our Technical SEO experts evaluate your website, identify any issues and advise you on how to fix any problems they find.

The Technical element is a key part of the full website SEO audit process as it provides the greatest insight into the technical workings of a website and really allows us to get to know the site ‘under the hood’.

Whether you’re looking to join us on one of our monthly Growth offerings or in need of a one-off technical SEO audit, we can help.

Offsite Audit

You’ve probably heard that one of the key elements to getting your site ranking well in Google is having backlinks point to it.

But there’s a little more to it than this. With our Off Site SEO Audit, we take a look at the backlinks which currently point to your site and ensure that they’re not harming your site in any way.

For this reason, an off page audit is sometimes known as a toxic backlink audit or website link audit.

Content Audit

Content is King. Our comprehensive SEO content audit provides you with a full appraisal of the content on your website and identifies areas of improvement.

With a website content audit from Kariba, we go though each page of your site with a fine tooth comb, ensuring that category pages, product pages and even location focused pages are as optimised as they should be and include the right amount of internal linking.

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