The brief

Initially we designed the branding. Apart from the client’s wish to use a colour palette of warm oranges and reds there was the requirement to deliver an impactful design solution. The client was delighted with the result and the colour palette and tone of the branding ran throughout the subsequent website.

The website itself is a vehicle to showcase the various competitions that The Plaza Prizes offer, and it is essential that it works in conjunction with Submittable, as that is the platform whereby budding writers and poets can upload their work. Each competition page is embellished with engaging and creative imagery, and is loaded with information about the competition itself, the prizes and the judges. The Plaza Prizes pride themselves on the quality of the judges they’re associated with. Each competition pulls through to the homepage so information such as the competition name, the judge and the prize is easily accessible and navigation to the relevant page and Submittable area is seamless.

Ongoing marketing

As part of our monthly Growth offering, we provide a full service to The Plaza Prizes, including the creation of organic and paid social media posts. The primary purpose of these posts is to create interest in the competitions and encourage entries to them, and they include a traffic light countdown system, so that as a competition deadline approaches each post counts down, so there can be no doubt as to when it closes.



Competition Entries


In 6 months The Plaza Prizes received 1900+ entries.

Return On Investment

Under £3

Less than £3.00 average cost per entry.

Site Visitors


More than 36,000 site visitors in 6 months.

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