57 enquiries in 6 months
from a new website
High Row Music Events·Case Study

The challenge

High Row Music Events is a full service entertainment agency specialising in music provision for all occasions, but particularly weddings and charity balls.

As part of an ongoing business growth strategy, High Row’s two directors, Matt and Marcus, were looking to increase the turnover of the business tenfold (although no timeframe was specified).

Kariba highlighted that High Row’s existing website had a dated look and feel, was difficult to navigate and wasn’t a good reflection of High Row’s new found mission and vision – to become the entertainment agency of choice in the North of England.

The Kariba team set to work de-engineering competitor websites, establishing which keywords were ranking locally and also which social media ads were working the most effectively.

We established that there were over 590 search requests per month for key phrases such as ‘wedding bands’ in North, West and South Yorkshire alone.



The solution

The next stage of the process was to build a website that mirrored High Row’s undisputed credentials and clearly funnelled relevant site traffic down the appropriate avenues – Wedding Music, Just Bands, Classical Music, Corporate Events.

We also suggested ‘packaging up’ key services for weddings and created landing pages promoting those packages. Because we realised that almost half of the site traffic could potentially come from mobile devices (the current accurate figure is 42%) we ensured the site functioned equally as well on mobiles as it did on desktop devices.


The results

High Row’s new site is clean, professional and eye catching. To ensure fast page load speeds any video elements of band demos etc are streamed via You Tube and Vimeo.

In just over six months, the new site has attracted over 1,600 new visitors and received 57 genuine ‘form fill’ enquiries which, if converted, would represent a return on investment of over 1,700 per cent.

The average session duration was almost three and a half minutes, which means users were highly engaged.

Almost 60% of the visitors were female, which tied in perfectly with the audience profile for High Row’s wedding package offering.

448 of the visitors were from Leeds and the rest from the key demographic areas of Harrogate, Thirsk and Ripon.



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