Make 2019 Your Year. 6 Digital Marketing Trends For Your Business

Mobile marketing. Like I said, social media is enormous and its usage expands across generations. Despite the reasonable pros and cons, social media does in fact benefit the average person wanting to connect instantly with their cousin from the other side of the world. You know, family time?

The greatness of mobile marketing is that it’s always within reach at any time of day and night. It’s only a pocket away. 80% of social media time is spent on mobile. No wonder marketing and advertising is so frequent (it’s all about the knowing). Of course it’s not a brand new trend, but it continues to grow constantly – You should (definitely) consider it for your business. Although, also recognize various components other than advertising, such as sales strategy and public relations.  


Next.. Snack ads. They are what they sound like – Quick video bites lasting no longer than 10 seconds. You know them; those pre-YouTube video ads. For the consumer it can feel like the longest 10 seconds of your life, however this is a fantastic way for producers to sell their advert – because you can’t skip them. Following on from this, research shows that digital advertising will soon make around $314 billion by 2020. Does that give you an idea of just how huge digital is today?


Content clusters for improving SEO. Instead of using lengthy keywords as has been the trend in earlier digital days, creating individual groups of content for each keyword has become more common today. This completely restricts your content from coming into competition with other brands, regarding search engine results page (SERP) rankings. This way, content clusters boost your content search engine optimisation (SEO), thus increasing your SERP rankings. For you, business will thrive then as 90% of people only look at material on the first SERP.


Chatbots. A fantastic way to engage online customers in 2019 is by introducing chatbots to your marketing strategy. Artificial Intelligence (AI) growth is massive in the world today with the progression of robotics, so perhaps they would encourage inquiries to your online services? Statistics show that chatbots would cut business costs by $8 billion by 2022. Of course this would have a huge effect on businesses in terms of saving money and reducing the workload of employees, and the automatic response of having a chatbot available for help 24/7 is fairly useful, wouldn’t you say?

By next year it’s estimated about 80% of businesses will be using chatbots to enhance customer service experience. It’s not surprising considering over half of the public tend to use them.


Social media Influencers use an array of strategies to target their audience. However most of them aim to do so via blogs and social networks like Instagram and Snapchat. For example when a Youtuber gains a certain amount of followers and starts to generate an impressive amount of consumers to their channel, YouTube pays them a percentage for populating the app’s visitors – And all of a sudden that can become a full time job!

Of course Snapchat is a sensation to millenials, so there’s another key strategy for how Influencers market themselves and their business – all for free because they aren’t paying an advertising company. Simply uploading a clip with a 24 hour-view time frame allows millions of followers from around the world to view updates and make purchases within seconds. Just think of what you could do! Applying knowledge of these influencer strategies is important in this digital era, especially if you run a small business as it can lay foundations and then you build upwards from there.


Transparency – Openness, communication and accountability. Improving this skill in business is imperative, always. Carrying the quality of transparency throughout your entire career will get you far without doubt. When it comes to the challenges of business, learning to address negative feedback and admitting faults is of vital importance in order to grow both personally and as a business. As a result of this, your brand will be perceived as trustworthy and honest – In positive correlation with high employee and customer morale. Transparency has become such a top priority for businesses due to a key element being communication in most companies. Despite technology flourishing, business continues to rely on customer ratings and reviews as they include information about a company’s operations, product and customer experience. This encourages businesses to be increasingly transparent, for the benefit of everyone.

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