Wicked tips: 4 howl-worthy creative marketing ideas for Halloween

It’s October already (where does time go?) and, as the scariest day of the year slowly creeps closer, I thought it would be a perfect time to write down my Halloween-themed marketing ideas…

Direct mail marketing

The purpose of direct mail marketing is to inspire the recipient to invest in your services. Remain professional, but add a fun touch to the mix. What design grips you? Pumpkins or bats? Spiders or rats? Whatever you choose, slash it into shape, prick it with moody colours, and add a message. Post it through the letterbox and shock someone this Halloween. After all, as marketing is mainly digital nowadays, it might be nice for customers to receive business in hand for a change.

Email marketing

A common channel favoured for years, email will be even more popular when you add themed content. A cobwebbed border will trap your message in, or add a zombie pixel to a link. I can assure you that this is much more interesting to both send and receive as it demonstrates the business is interested in attracting customers and staying relevant to the time of year. Executing engaging emails is important as you need to maintain a relationship with your client, resulting in customer loyalty and thus repeated business in the future. Whether you have met the customer previously, or they are on your subscriber list, their interests need to remain consistent, and that depends on the look and content of the email, so plan accordingly.

Social media marketing

This interactive strategy most definitely hooks customers, so really focus on making your Instagram and Twitter spooky but alluring. Appealing to the eye is key, therefore boost your customer activity by creating a themed logo for the season and use this as your profile picture; use borders, or upload photos of your team eating orange-iced cupcakes. Your committed efforts will be noticed and viewers will be left intrigued, expecting more. Moreover, social media is ideal for promoting new offers or competitions – another opportunity for Halloween related content- as you can use wordplay such as ‘Enter if you dare‘ to initiate enthusiasm. Take the opportunity to try this and your customer activity will increase.

Halloween banner

A Kariba-designed web banner for The Japanese House


Search engine marketing

Updating your landing page to fit the theme of Halloween could give your URL a boost in the search engine results pages (SERPs). If you can add Halloween specific keywords to the landing page they should help generate more leads for you this Autumn. A priority is to check that your mobile website is responsive for extra success (considering 52% of all web traffic is generated from portable mobiles).

Annual festivities are always a scream, even for businesses. I witch you a Happy Halloween…

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