Digital Advertising

Due to the high value nature of the service, and following the market research, the team quickly identified an opportunity to build a sustainable, profitable advertising campaign. By adopting a process of Test > Analyse > Improve > Repeat, Kariba developed a campaign on both the Google Adwords platform and Facebook’s Advert Manager. The campaign started with a wide net of audiences, advert messaging and advert formats, which has been and continues to be refined over time, resulting in better results with no extra advertising budget.


Social Group/Community

Another tactic the team put forward, was to start a group on both Facebook and Linkedin – offering a digital space for the audience to ask questions, discuss industry news and share experiences. Interest was driven organically as well as via advertising and although in the early stages, there’s been an overwhelming amount of interest. The plan is that the groups become a central point for the industry and as a result, a huge driver of enquiries.


Other marketing activity

  • Content marketing
  • Ongoing SEO
  • UX analysis and improvements


Tracking and Reporting

To accurately demonstrate the results of the campaign, a tracking model was designed to capture all enquiries, which source they came from and even which advert they originated from.

Tracking code was added to all the online conversion points, allowing us to track when a user filled out an online form. Call tracking was also installed, which meant Kariba could accurately track the enquiries that came through via a phone call, as a direct result of the digital marketing strategy.

This data is live fed into an online report, which allows the client to see exactly how the various campaigns are performing. This is supplemented by a monthly meeting to review plans and delve deeper into the statistics.


The results

Although the campaign is in the very early stages, we think the results speak for themselves…

Adwords campaign produced 100% increase in total conversions and brought 265% more new visitors to the site

The initial Social Advertising campaign sent site visits up by 130% of which we had 176% new visitors. While our social campaign was running, our conversion rate soared by 290%.

In just about a few days, with a low budget of £20, our social group ads generated nearly 600 likes and around 50 requests to join our community.

We have also added 50+ followers to the company page in just a week, and we subsequently doubled our number of followers in less than 2 weeks.

East 2 West stats