The approach

CurrencyWave make the process of transferring money abroad or repatriating funds simple, transparent and fast. They also offer a far more competitive exchange rate than high street banks and building societies.

We were asked to come up with a creative brand solution, stationery, a responsive website and multiple marketing collateral for the company. The CurrencyWave site also needed to integrate with the Currency Cloud platform, and the aim of the site is for visitors to sign up, login and use this overseas payments solution.

Main aims

  • Drive new subscribers
  • Organic visibility
  • Become an established name in the marketplace

The solution

Following an initial discovery meeting, we established the main competitors, the client’s requirements, the best marketing solutions and completed the keyword research.

The creative process started with some brand concepts. We worked up the favoured approach into a finished logo, which set the tone for the colour palette that was used throughout the website.

Then we visualised the site structure and worked on an initial homepage concept, to establish the look and feel of the site. Once we had client approval on this we designed the inner pages, created the various required templates and our development team built the site and populated it with the approved copy. Accompanying downloadable documents were created, videos sourced and stitched together for the homepage and the site was tested and launched in good time for a key event in May.


The result

The site is clean, approachable and has a great deal of impact. The user journey is clear and concise and the step-by-step process is easy to follow. A mix of icons, photography, video and user-friendly copy ensure it’s always engaging. The approachable look and feel is backed up by industry knowledge, which comes across in the content and the associated collateral.


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