The solution

The name ‘Hot Rod’ gave us the idea for the theme that would run throughout the range – that being the flame graphic you find on the side of American hot-rod cars. We worked on a colour range for each product and combined that with a Union Jack graphic and arresting and eye-catching typography. The pork based sticks would be branded under The Bath Pig range but we needed to create a character for the two chicken snack sticks. We designed a happy, cheerful chicken which sat in the central circle, as if he was leaning out towards the consumer. The design was finished with a chilli-rating graphic, denoting how spicy (or not) each snack was.


Bathpig Hot Rod


In addition

That’s not all we’ve created for Bathpig though. We also cooked up this labelling idea for their supermarket range of salami and chorizo. As before, the emphasis was on their high-welfare, British produced pork. The high impact design and iconography tells you all you need to know about the product within.


Bathpig salami chorizo