The technical team identified Magento as the ideal CMS to house the large amount of products and allow the customisation required. There was also a future opportunity to integrate the eBay account, with Magento backend, meaning all orders and stock, could be managed from one place. From the earlier investigation, the design team planned a layout that would give the user multiple routes and methods of finding the products they were interested in. This was blended into a style, led by the winning logo concept, resulting in a site that not only looked the part, but also functioned well as a marketing tool.


The team built a strategy utilising:

  • Facebook advertising
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • UX (User Experience)

Facebook’s advertising platform allowed Kariba to build up several different audiences, with which to test and identify the trends that were more likely to not only click through to the site, but buy the products. Due to the competitive industry, the team thought ‘outside the box’, to find the hidden gems, that the competition hadn’t.

Alongside this, the domain authority and general SEO health of the site was continuously monitored with various tools, to ensure the site was being ranked and indexed, to the highest possible degree.

The team recognised the importance of making the most of the traffic that was being driven to the site. User patterns were continuously monitored for opportunities to convert more of the potential customers into paying customers. This afforded a better rate of return for no extra investment.

Tracking & Reporting

The team developed a tracking system, that could not only monitor the sales and which source they came from – but also, UX patterns, such as which pages were more/less likely to convert &  where the main drop off points are. As well as this, Kariba used specialist tools to track the SEO efforts and Website statistics.

All of the data was collated and compiled into easy to digest reports, which were discussed on a monthly basis and used to structure the ongoing strategy.


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