The top 3 benefits of responsive web design

Responsive web design ensures your website reacts to all kinds of devices, operating systems and browsers, including mobiles and tablets. In other words a responsive web design allows the website to adapt to different screens by repositioning content and realigning itself.

According to a recent survey by the BBC the average UK household now has a minimum of three devices connected to the internet. Having a website that is responsive ensures your site will look and function just as good on all three.

The key benefits of responsive web design are:

Assists conversion, increases sales, significantly boosts ROI

Because the responsive design produces consistent, pixel perfect versions of your site on any mobile, tablet or desktop computer, users can quickly and easily read and navigate through your site. If a user is presented with a rewarding experience they are less likely to visit a competitor’s website.

Easier to maintain – less time = less money

A year or two ago developers had to create multiple versions of a website, which meant that if the site was updated the changes had to be made to several different sites. A responsive website loads quicker and is far easier to maintain as it is in effect a single website that opens seamlessly on different devices. Kariba clients are finding that, with only one set of content to manage, they’re saving time and money, especially if they’ve asked us to update their site for them.

Google approves – better SEO

With the URL structure remaining the same for all devices, responsive web design is now becoming a must for making your site search engine optimised. Previously developers had to create multiple versions of the same site and in so doing so spawned several sites with duplicate content, a factor frowned upon by Google who quite often downgraded your site’s search engine rankings a a result. And of course having only one website (and not several versions) means less drag on the server and increased page load times, yet another Google ranking factor.

With some of our own client’s websites experiencing an upsurge of 30 to 40 per cent in mobile traffic alone this year, turning to a responsive web framework is by far the easiest and most cost effective way of reaching out to users across a myriad of devices.


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