Long term:

The long term strategy focussed around building up the website domain authority and visibility within the organic search results, meaning in the future, the company wouldn’t have to solely lean on advertising to drive new business.

To achieve this, the team continually identify and update technical improvements using our SEO tool. This could involve improving page load speeds, making sure redirects are in place and removing any duplicated content.

Alongside this, a content marketing plan has been produced, involving a process of identifying long tailed keywords or phrases, which have a search volume – then creating original and fresh content around it. Over time this has proved to Google and other search engines that the website is a relevant and trustworthy site.

The results

So how did we do? Let’s have a look…

  • 9 key phrases ranking 1st page on Google Nationally (SEO)
  • Month on month increase in visits by 10%
  • Our paid campaigns successfully brought 40% more traffic overall as well as 33% new visitors
  • AJM occupy 90% of the paid search impressions, meaning for the keywords we’re bidding on, only 10% of the time do the competition get a look in… Sorry ‘big hitters’!


A J Marshall