How to make Google love your website – Part 1 – Quality control

Over the last couple of years the internet landscape has changed dramatically, especially from a Google Search point of view. In a bid to weed out the spammy and gaming sites that used to clog up the front end of many of our searches, Google introduced their ‘Panda’ and ‘Penguin’ updates, both of which made pretty good inroads into doing just that.

Some web and search agencies, many of whom were utilising frowned upon techniques such as link farms, keyword stuffing and other black-hat methods, saw their clients’ sites drop like a stone overnight.

Thankfully Kariba wasn’t one of them and over the next couple of weeks I’m going to divulge the secrets our development team adopt on a daily basis to ensure the sites we develop for our clients soar through the rankings with little or no assistance from third parties or affiliates.

Where quality counts

To kick off I’m going to talk about QUALITY. Assisted by their Panda and Penguin algorithms Google’s overriding aim is to promote ‘quality’ websites. But what does Google regard as a quality website? Here are a couple of pointers to get you thinking about your own online offering.

  • Is your subject matter something that your readers or prospects actually want to digest?

  • Are all of your articles or blog posts completely relevant to your main business? Are they totally ‘on topic’?

  • Does your site offer a full, rich and meaningful user experience? Does it have an easy to follow navigational structure?

  • If you have a niche website does your particular niche have an audience? If it doesn’t then you’re most probably talking to nobody, or perhaps very few.

  • Have you created a ‘buzz’ around your site, with lots of social interaction and conversations taking place?

  • Is your site always current and up to date, with plenty of fresh, relevant content?

If your website doesn’t tick some or all of those boxes then you’ve got some work to do. But the good news is that it’s all achievable and, with a little careful planning and guidance, you should be well on the way to improving your site’s Google ranking in no time at all.

Next time we meet we’re going to get to work on THE most important aspect of any website deemed by Google to be of decent quality, its content and key phrases.


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